Jun 16, 2010

Leaves of Grass

This summery outfit pairs a white skirt embellished with a flower design at the hem with a green silk blouse with waterfall collar by Paul Smith.

With a Jimmy Choo "Eliza" patten sandals with a green stiletto heel

And this necklace (from Etsy)

Jun 15, 2010

Paris In The Springtime

This ultra-fem yellow skirt with intricate beaded swirls and a lace edged hem, paired with a corset-style lace blouse is a perfect ensemble for spring.

With a purple slingback from oh...Deer!

And this double-strand necklace (from Etsy)

Jun 14, 2010

Like Bees To Honey

I adore this dress from Unique Vintage! It's so retro-chic with a houndstooth pattern, empire waist, and Peter Pan collar.

With houndstooth-and-yellow pumps from oh...Deer!

And a bumblebee bracelet from Etsy and a bracelet with black Swarovski crystals by Alyssa Smith.

Breakfast At Tiffany's

This outfit features a 60's retro Tiffany blue sweater with a scalloped neckline offset by a bold burgundy shrug, paired with black trousers that have an Audrey-Hepburn-cute bow at the waist.

With Christian Louboutin peep-toe pumps in black and blue

And this Paloma Picasso necklace (from Tiffany's, of course)

See a better photo of the necklace at the Tiffany's website.

Pink Cadillac

In this outfit, men's vintage wool pants get vamped with a black lace trimmed cami (from Coast) and a men's cut jacket in shocking pink (from Planet).

With Gabriella Rocha patent leather pumps

And this black rose choker (from Etsy)

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Just because the weather is overcast and dreary doesn't mean your clothes have to be! This hemp/cotton blend Dijon tee brings out the subtle golden-yellow pattern in the retro wool skirt, and a Merino wool cardigan with flared waist and bell sleeves adds a dainty touch to the outfit.

Let the sun shine with these suede knee-high boots

With this necklace (from Etsy)

Poppies In October

In the poem "Poppies in October," Sylvia Plath expresses wonder at discovering poppies on a frost-heavy autumn morning. This outfit captures that same feeling with a ruched green blouse by Betty Jackson and a ruffled brown denim skirt with a splash of poppy red provided by the shoes.

With Miz Mooz "Tania" red slingback

And a delicate necklace with a poppy-like flower (from Etsy)

Poppies in October by Sylvia Plath

Conservatively Curvy

This combo is conservative enough for office wear, but it's still fun with the ultra-feminine cut of the pieces and the splash of purple. The jacket is from Viyella and the darted pencil skirt is Labour of Love.

With a conservative-yet-funky grey shoe from Kathryn Kerrigan

And a lovely matchy matchy necklace (from Etsy)

Jun 13, 2010

Archimedes Would Be Green With Envy

On the TV show thirtysomething, my favorite character was Melissa, the insecure rebellious artsy photographer. Melissa had a fantastic apartment and she wore an unforgettable winter coat that was emblazoned with numbers. When I saw this dress by Ischiko, I knew I just had to create an outfit. (Unbelievable as it may seem, this is a $300 dress!)

In looking for a jacket or sweater to add a splash of colour, I found this handknit bolero. Numbers and handknit? This outfit is an elementary school teachers dream.

As proof that anything can be found on Etsy, I present this necklace that incorporates the complete numbers/green theme.

And to complete the outfit, green shoes by Kathryn Kerrigan (which also, suspiciously, look like something an elementary school teacher might appreciate)

Prada Gets Hippy

This boho-chic outfit features a vibrant blue Arlanna blouse from Coast and an artistically wild Kaleidoscope skirt from Viyella.

With cork wedge sandals by Prada

And this very granola necklace (from Etsy)

Putting On The Glitz

This outfit is all about glitz and glam, with an elaborately embellished skirt from Adam + Eve and a Prussian blue top with fluid cowl neck, graceful bell sleeves, and a textured satiny sash (from ModCloth).  There's a subtle medieval air to this outfit, as well.

With Christian Louboutin "Eugenie" suede blue pumps

And this stunning choker (from Etsy)

Going With The Flow

I loved this purple "waterfall" blouse the moment I saw it on Coast. I thought it needed to be paired with a straight skirt or slim trouser to counterbalance it. Then I found this skirt on ModCloth, and when I put the two together, I saw that continuing the flow throughout the outfit was more cohesive.

With "Judith" yellow stud flats by Guillaume Hinfray

And this necklace (from Etsy)

Sunny Days

Denim skirts can cover a broad range of styles - from trampy to cowgirl to frumpy. This denim skirt from Marks & Spencer is delightfully different with a very tailored and refined cut and look. I paired it with a retro 1950's orange blouse that carries that same tailored and refined appeal (from ModCloth).

With a casual multi-colored sandal by Thierry Rabotin (sticker shock: $360)

And this necklace (from Etsy)

A Party In Paisley

This outfit defies my rules against matchy-matchy, but the skirt is so funky it deserves all the focus.

I found the skirt on ModCloth, and paired it with a simple black top (from Coast) which has a neckline that echoes the paisley pattern in the skirt.

With basic gold flats from Loeffler Randall

And a black-and-gold paisley pendant (from Etsy)

Sunset Romance

Sentimental, romantic, and dreamy. This dress by Betty Jackson conjures fantasies of dining at an elegant restaurant, sipping wine on the deck, watching the sun set over the water.

With silver sandals by Chinese Laundry

And this ultra-feminine rose quartz necklace (from Etsy)