What Is "You: Not Naked"?

I love to "shop" online and create outfits. It's kinna the grown-up version of playing Barbie dolls. I decided to create a blog as an archive of found items and created outfits.

Some things I've noticed about my fashion sense:

  • I have an affinity for British shoppes and designers
  • I like contrasting fabrics (ie.: luxurious velvet paired with a rough wool)
  • I like retro pieces paired with modern pieces
  • I find it amusing to pair a $5 retro sweater with $500 shoes and a $1,000 necklace
  • I prefer outfits with complementary colours to matchy-matchy. (Sometimes matchy-matchy is the perfect way to go, though)
  • I think slacks should only be black, grey, brown, tan, navy, and occasionally white/cream. I do not understand pink pants.
  • I get a crazy thrill about occasionally putting together an outfit that costs more than I earn in 5 years
  • I have a weird appreciation for retro plaid mens pants
  • I always fall in love with shoes that are pricey
  • I like homemade jewelry more than designer jewelry (Etsy rocks!)
Enjoy my blog, and have fun being not naked!