Aug 18, 2011

Big Game Hunter

As soon as I saw this necklace, I was thinking "Africa. Safari." and picturing something with a traditional "big game hunter" style (minus the silly hat). And from the display pictures, I knew that the necklace looked great against a grey background, and not so good directly on skin.

I found exactly the shirt I was looking for on ShopRuche - the traditional safari/big game look in grey. And with the shirt buttoned up, the necklace can lie directly against the fabric. A blousy white jacket softens the overall look.

For the bottom part of the outfit, I decided I wanted something yellow, simply because yellow works great with both grey and turquoise. I couldn't find a skirt I liked though. A narrow cut skirt, which continued the straight lines of the blouse, was too dressy, but a more casual skirt, with a fuller cut, looked unbalanced. And I didn't like how how a skirt was impacting the safari theme. So, as much as I dislike coloured pants, I decided on these slim-cut yellow crop pants.

And for shoes? At first, I thought about a shoe that would add some colour flair, but with the yellow pants, it made the overall look very bottom-heavy with colour. So instead I went with just a basic grey wedge sandal .

And to complete the outfit? A bracelet with the same stone as the necklace - turquoise magnesite - with a pop of yellow magnesite also. (In a perfect world, the bracelet would carry the same triangle motif as the necklace, though.)

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